Loveplex Pro Platinum Blonde Shampoo-300ml

Loveplex Pro Platinum Blonde Shampoo is a step up from our DAILY Platinum Blonde Shampoo. It can be used on all types and is our professional strength shampoo which tones the hair without drying it out. 

  • Specifically developed for blonde and brown hair to maintain rich, luxurious cool tones
  • Helps to neutralize unwanted orange and red tones from the hair
  • Instantly revitalizes and brightens dull, lifeless, silver, gray or white hair
  • Watch what happens when this brightening shampoo meets blonde, gray or white hair! It adds life and shine and reduces yellow or brassy tones
  • Its vibrant coconut oil and argan oil base awakens the senses and instantly turns up the clarity and shine
  • Size: 300ml bottle 


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