What is Laybuy?

Have you ever had unexpected expenses come up and you can't buy what you really wanted? Or, you've got to budget? Well the good news is, we all need to treat ourselves too! That's what Laybuy is for.....

Laybuy gives you a guilt-free shopping experience by allowing you to shop now and pay later! It is 100% interest free and paid over 5 weekly instalments. Once approved – your item gets shipped straight away! Get your dream hair now, no need to wait or miss out.

Why should I use Laybuy?

Laybuy is all about the here and now, its convenient. Your order gets shipped straight away, and you pay off weekly in instalments

To be eligible to use Laybuy, you must complete the following criteria:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • And live in New Zealand

Sound like you? Simply select Laybuy as your payment method at the checkout page, and enter your details. Easy Peasy! 

The Criteria

The payment arrangement is made with Laybuy and they will approve payments at the time of order. For first time Laybuy customers only a sixth of the first payment will be charged at a the time of purchase.

If you do not have the funds in your account Afterpay will decline this order. We recommend ordering on pay day just to be sure! The full payment schedule will be provided to you at the time of purchase. If you fail to make a payment Laybuy will charge you a late payment fee of $10 . If you need to contact Laybuy please visit